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Baby Food Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance is vital to the babyfood category.
Robin Food B.V. sources from factories that with the highest babyfood quality certifications.
Robin Food B.V. employs a Babyfood Quality Assurance Manager checking factories.
Robin Food B.V. was recently SKAL certified and is dedicated to reach new levels in quality.
Baby Food Factory Audit
Robin Food B.V. Quality Assurance Management audits babyfood factories.
Quality certifications and above all quality in practice on the factory floor are inspected.
After approval, a neutral external Quality Assurance Manager is send to doublecheck.
After double approval, Robin Food B.V. starts close cooperation with the factory.
Baby Food Technological Support
Robin Food B.V. is experienced in baby food technology and employs a baby food technologist.
Robin Food B.V. Baby food Technology and factory technologists are in close contact.
For deeply specialized work and special projects, external Babyfood technologists are called in.
There is regular contact and cooperation with pediatricians, hospitals and universities.
Baby Food Dieticians Support
Robin Food B.V. is experienced in baby food dietetics and employs 4 Babyfood Dieticians.
Of whom most are mother themselves, understanding the situation of the mothers they serve.
On a continuous basis, Robin Food B.V. employs last year student Dieticians as Trainee.
Focused on product development, support factory/retailer and direct contact with mothers.
Baby food Legal Support
Robin Food B.V. is experienced in babyfood laws, directives, norms and babyfood patents.
Robin Food B.V. has regular contact with Food Authorities adapting recipes to law requirements.
For deeply specialized work, external specialized Lawyers and Patent Attorneys are hired.
Robin Food B.V. combines babyfood technological knowledge with legal know how.