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Company History
The market for baby food has traditionally been a 100% manufacturers A-brand market.  Based upon the old assumption that parents want to buy manufacturers A-brands only.

In 2004, a group of experienced baby food professionals in The Netherlands decided to prove the opposite. They launched a professional supermarket private label assortment. Backed up by a focused organization. With the correct people, correct products and correct marketing tools.

From 2005 to 2011 they launched a series of successful supermarket private label baby food introductions in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The point that consumers want a supermarket private label proposition has been proven. In the fifth year of Robin Food B.V., in the market of baby food jars, the A-brand has has shrunk from 100% to 75% whilst private label grew from 0% to 25%. This trend is irreversible, ongoing and is the new direction for the baby food category.

Robin Food B.V. (The Netherlands) then decided to bring her business model to other new markets.

In 2009, Robin Food Ltd (Hong Kong) was etablished. Meanwhile several private label assortments, especially Infant Milk Formula, are produced and packaged in The Netherlands, exported to China and sold in mainland China.

In 2011, Robin Food Sp Z o.o. (Poland) was established.

Company Today
Today, Robin Food;

  • Develops new products and formulates baby food recipes
  • Audits specialized pre-suppliers of baby food factories to secure high quality supply (baby food ingredients, baby food grade raw materials, packaging)
  • Sources baby food ingredients, baby food grade raw materials and packaging on Robin Food specification in 10 European countries.
  • Audits baby food end product factories to secure the highest possible quality standards
  • Sources production in specialized baby food end product factories on Robin Food specification in 10 European countries
  • Owns large buffer stocks of 11 different private- and trade labels
  • Manages these 11 private- and trade labels on a daily basis
  • Delivers pallets under private- and trade label to many supermarket chains every day
  • Runs 24/7/365 Consumer Baby food Hotline Centers is several countries for several supermarket private labels
  • Runs 24/7/365 Professionals Hotline Centers in several countries for several supermarket private labels
  • Supplies the correct marketing tools to supermarket private labels
  • Has deep knowledge about baby food technology, baby food dietetics and quality
  • Has deep knowledge about baby food laws, directives, norms and patent issues.

The Robin Food company culture is;

  • Focused on delivering success to retailers
  • Entrepreneurial, open minded, innovative
  • Dedicated to renew the babyfood category
  • Client oriented, down to earth and eager to perform

Company Future
Robin Food's focus is on the future;

  • Continuing and professionalizing existing baby food business
  • Developing private- and trade baby food labels
  • New product development by broadening baby food assortment
  • New market development by new clients and new countries